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Should authors invest in Facebook? Yes. No. Maybe (if you work hard and do it right)?

Does Facebook help sell books? Who knows? Seems it depends on what you’re selling (fiction? non-fiction?). Or what communication you choose (pages? boosted posts? groups? ads?). Or how you write your copy (in your post, in your ad, on your landing page, in your call to action). Or your goals (web traffic? email sign-ups? book sales?).

Check out the back-and-forth debate on Digital Book World. One guy says FB works, especially to build fan relationships. Another guy says pages and boosted posts don’t work, at least not for $14.99 non-fiction. If you read the comments carefully there seem to be folks who’ve found success. One used groups to create a tribe. One sees a sales spike when she posts to her page. Several folks spoke of FB ad classes and low-cost testing to find the most clickable campaigns. Most people found boosted posts not to be the best way to reach buying readers.

Do you sell books through Facebook? If so, what’s worked for you?


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