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An explosion in e-books

I saw this tidbit via Shelf Awareness, which cited Crain’s New York and as the sources:

…at Random House, “September 2009 sales (of Kindle e-books) were $22.6 million–a huge increase from a year ago when they were just $2.9 million. The Lost Symbol was a huge part with 100,000 e-book sales in its first week out (5% of total sales). In first half of 2009, Random House Kindle e-book revenue grew 400% from a year ago.”

Usually the e-book numbers are shown only as a percentage, which can be misleading when talking about actual money spent/made. But 2.9 vs. 22.6 million is a big, well-measured jump.

My favorite conclusion from iReaderReview and Shelf Awareness:

The impact of holiday e-book sales offers a “huge opportunity for new companies to become successful publishers.”

I wonder if these new publishing companies will look anything like the ones we see today.


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