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Valentine’s Day

The Valentine’s Day card that made me tear up was this one, because I could read it without too much trouble at all.

Dear Stacy, Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you. I am making a valentine for the best mom ever. Happy Valetine’s. From Charlie



After a few weeks of under-motivation (I blame reading the completely absorbing Clash of Kings mixed with the winter blues), we made it out to the NY International Children’s Film Festival.

Marvin was one of my favorites. It’s about a boy who is born with a hole in his head. One day, when he has a cold, he sneezes out his common sense and spends an adventurous day looking for it.

At one point, he deliberately misses the bus because he knew it would be better to hop on one foot the whole way instead. He ends up at the zoo, making friends with animals and getting into scrapes, and then, when he finds his common sense, he realizes it was the best day he’s ever had and decides to remove his common sense again, when the notion strikes.

Marvin’s adventures reminded me of the choices Charlie often makes, the ones that seem to make no sense. (I can just see him deciding that hopping on one foot would be much better than taking the bus.) And I thought, maybe that’s what it’s like for someone with ADHD. Roaming around looking for “something,” finding other things instead, making choices others don’t understand, but having fun all the same.

I wish this really worked

Vine gets dirty dishes clean

A New Kind of Golf

Charlie invented a new game. He calls it golf. The goal is to get the ball under the cart…and then pull it out again?

An icicle

At Mohonk Mountain House, where we ice skated, hiked for icicles and pretended we were rich.

A Personality Test

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter

In a new parenting class I’m taking (Calm and Connected: Parenting Children with ADHD), the Keirsey Temperament Sorter was part of the recommended homework.

The goal was to take the test once for what your kid would answer and once for yourself. Seeing our differences–and our similarities–laid out in such a positive way was really cool. We are both Idealists, but he’s a Champion and I’m a  Counselor. It was reassuring to see our traits described as strengths when it’s so easy to forget to see us both in terms of our weaknesses.

Now I want everyone to take the Sorter so I know what type they are!

You can find out your temperament here.

Social Media Marketing for Books

If you read the many social media advice pages, you could be forgiven for thinking that all you need for success with social media is to learn some tricks and tips for Facebook and Twitter (or any one of the latest social networks with a buzz). This is a bit like saying if you learn to use Microsoft Word, you will have no problem being a successful writer.

–“3 Epiphanies about Social Media Marketing for Books” by Lisa Buchan in Publishing Perspectives

It’s Chi Chi!

Chi Chi video

Level up!

Bedtime Stories

Charlie read these two books to me tonight, even though his throat hurt and he was ready for sleep at 6 pm.

When we finished I Went Walking, he said, “Did you see what level it is?”

“No,” I said, flipping the book around to see.

“It’s level C.” He smiled really big. “I moved up a level.”

I wish I had a picture of his proud smile. He knows just how hard he’s worked and how much he’s practiced to make that move happen. He deserves bragging rights.

Digital Book World 4

A new study from
Digital Book Word and Writers Digest

I wasn’t able to attend this year’s Digital Book World conference in person because of the kid’s tonsillectomy. (It went well!) But at the last minute someone sent me a link for live streaming and on-demand access. I haven’t made my way through all the sessions yet, and it’s already been worth the money. I especially like the ability to pause, rewind something interesting and watch the sessions on my own schedule.

The “What Authors Want” study from Digital Book World and Writers Digest was a really informative piece, and several of the smaller sessions have led to ideas for new projects and investigations.



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