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I wish this really worked

Vine gets dirty dishes clean

It’s Chi Chi!

Chi Chi video

Vets, forts and mash-ups

What he wants to be when he grows up: A vet. With a vet car. One who teaches pets tricks and shows up for emergencies. And his friends Rowan and Mateo will be his vet assistants.


After a camp trip to the Old Stone House in Park Slope, which was once the location of fierce fighting in the Revolutionary War, Charlie came home to tell us that soldiers had used the house as a “force field.”


He says: “I’ve got a mixed-up.”

And then proceeds to sing a mash-up of “Rudolph” and “Frosty.”

Things that make my heart ache, in a way that is both awful and beautiful

Three things that broke my heart wide open today.

1) Hearing Rilke poems on the radio, read by Joanna Macy. The wealth of feelings that sprang up in my chest, my throat, my mind caught me by surprise.

“Is not impermanence the fragrance of our days.”
~Rilke, from interview with translator Joanna Macy

Just bought that translator’s version of The Book of Hours. Even the introductions moved me.

2) Listening to Tift Merritt while driving through blue-sky highway. Makes even New Jersey look sweeter.

Verse 3 from “Oh Virginia, No One Can Warn You”

You don’t know it yet with your brand new kiss,
You don’t want to stay here and live like this.
The worst I could do, oh, what would I be,
If I kept for mine something better than me

Oh, Virginia, no one can warn you.
Oh, Virginia, I have tried to.
When the winter comes, how the cold moves through
Oh, Virginia, nobody can warn you.

3) This face.
big bird bday


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