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Social Media Marketing for Books

If you read the many social media advice pages, you could be forgiven for thinking that all you need for success with social media is to learn some tricks and tips for Facebook and Twitter (or any one of the latest social networks with a buzz). This is a bit like saying if you learn to use Microsoft Word, you will have no problem being a successful writer.

–“3 Epiphanies about Social Media Marketing for Books” by Lisa Buchan in Publishing Perspectives


This round goes to Facebook

Lately, I’ve been busy. So I took myself mostly offline. Except for Facebook.

Now, that the pile of stuff on my office desk is slightly lower, my baby sister is well-and-truly married and my son has been accepted into an elementary school, I’m ready to get back to all the other stuff to do online besides Facebook.

Only to discover that Facebook has basically taken over the world.

They have a design that changes so often and so non-intuitively that folks who want to log-in can’t tell the difference between Facebook and an article about Facebook.

Facebook patented the news feed, and one of my favorite social media bloggers, Mary McGary, wonders if they will be evil and sue Twitter out of business.

Did you know no one can own two accounts on Facebook? So that means you can’t have both a personal account and a business account. And the person who creates your company’s FB page can never be removed as an admin for that page. (So, be nice to those assistants when you fire them.)

Facebook is now officially the most popular website in the US, even more so than Google.

You win, Facebook. You win.


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