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The kid’s tonsils are coming out tomorrow.

We’re all a little nervous, so he and I spent some time perusing You Tube for videos about the surgery. He liked Marissa’s video the best. I think because she’s a bit older than he is and because the hospital gave her a teddy bear and because she made it through the IV insertion. (That’s the part he’s most worried about.)

He’s not the only one who has been worrying. I’m a worrywart with my own hospital fears, which I’ve tried very hard not to think about. So, of course, the anesthesia article in The Atlantic was the exact wrong thing to read. I’m going to continue not thinking about everything mentioned in that piece.


Sleep Study

“’No one is saying A.D.H.D. does not exist, but there’s a strong feeling now that we need to rule out sleep issues first,’ said Dr. Merrill Wise, a pediatric neurologist and sleep medicine specialist at the Methodist Healthcare Sleep Disorders Center in Memphis.”

New York Times, Well blog, “Attention Problems May Be Sleep-Related,” April 16, 2012

In attempting to look at all angles of this ADHD thing, we finally signed up for the sleep study Charlie’s pulmonologist has been recommending for years. The results come in a few weeks.

I don’t know whether to hope they find something or not. If they do find a sleep disorder, he might have to undergo a tonsillectomy. That means general anesthesia and surgery, all for a treatment that isn’t guaranteed to help his sleep or reduce the severity of his ADHD symptoms.

If they don’t find anything, we have one less treatment to try.


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