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Saying yes to violent video games?

Ready to game?

We’ve been trying every promising trick to improve my kid’s working memory, auditory processing, language development and other brain skills. Motor coordination, pre-frontal cortex and visual acuity, spatial reasoning, decision-making–all of these have been bandied about as delays that may need attention.

Then I read this:

“In neurological terms, action games seem to ‘retune connectivity across and within different brain areas’…That means gamers ‘learn to learn.'”

–“Brain-Changing Games” by Lydia Denworth, Scientific American MIND

It seems first-person shooting games improve attention, spatial reasoning, visual acuity and decision-making. They can also be addictive and lead to an increase in aggression.

As if the kid didn’t have enough screen time already, I’m actually considering introducing him to more video games. I just wish I could find a first-person action game that wasn’t about killing people.



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