Looking for Fat Cats in Santa Hats

Alex Colon, who works with Harlequin’s non-fiction group, has a special request for all you cat and Claus lovers out there.

So we came up with an idea for a new blog. This blog is so new it doesn’t even exist yet. This blog is Fat Cats in Santa Hats, and we need your help to create it.

The premise of the blog is simple – every day we are going to post a new photo of a cat in a Santa hat (or some other festive holiday wear). These photos may or may not appear on the blog accompanied by silly captions, but we won’t figure that out until we have a healthy amount of photos to launch the blog with.

So we ask you: if you have a cat, especially a fat cat, won’t you please go home tonight, give it a nice meal, maybe a hair brushing (if your cat likes that), and dress it up in a Santa costume and take its photo before it runs away?

Also, even though the blog will be named Fat Cats in Santa Hats, we are open to photos of cats of all shapes and sizes.

All photos can be sent to alex_colon AT harlequin DOT ca


1 Response to “Looking for Fat Cats in Santa Hats”

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